Fleece Diaper Covers and a GIVEAWAY!




Check out that Santa skirt!  I could not believe how adorable it was when I received it!  Well, maybe I could, maybe that is why I ordered it, but really, I love these fleece soakers!  For those of you not familiar, fleece can be used as a repellent cover for cloth diapers.  It is not as pricey as it’s wool counterpart, nor does it take ANY special care.  Simply toss in your regular laundry and wash, even use fabric softener!  Fleece allows airflow to your baby’s bum, making it much cooler than a waterproof cover.  Now, I don’t want to take away from the product itself, but the Momma who make Mal’s skirtie is amazing!  She launched Monkeebumz in October, and has grown in leaps and bounds since then, gaining over 300 fans in that short time!  And she not only delivers a quality product, but is always trying new things!  If it can be made with fleece, you can bet your bottom dollar that she has thought of it.  Make sure you check out these WAHMs and the Mommy Bloggers listed in the giveaway!  I promise that it’s well worth your time.  I love their products and there are some really interesting posts, too!

Monkeebumz has teamed up for a multi-wahm giveaway celebrating!  Head over to check it out!

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