I cannot believe that Christmas is less than a week away.  This year has flown by.  And as I am sitting here in my few minutes of quiet time (which I haven’t had much of of late, with hubby’s schedule), I decided that I had better grab the laptop and type.  I have just realized one thing about blogging.  I have to do it on the computer, which means sitting at the desk that I don’t care to sit at much.  Oh wait, in comes the laptop.  So I decided to steal the hub’s laptop.  Back on track to out topic (yes, my son comes by ADHD naturally).

Our tree is lit up, the older kids decorate it by themselves now.  They put on the lights this year, and I handed out ornaments.  Next year, Mallary will help.  And next year, we will go back to a real tree.  The one I have now is a handmedown that was given to us one year when i couldn’t afford a tree.  I just received a Christmas card in the mail with catch up from the area, and the lovely man who gifted us our tree was laid to rest the weekend we set it up this year.  RIP Guy, you were a warm hearted man, and you will be missed.  Next year, your tree will be helping a hunter bring food home for his family.  I believe in reuse of things as much as possible.

As a mixed family, the holidays always bring hassle.  It is hard enough, as a family, to figure out when everyone can get together, let alone, and in two other families.  I think we may have found a pattern that works for us.  It worked well last year, and looks promising this year.  I work Christmas Eve, but the kids have no school. My seniors said if my daughter wants to bake cookies at my work, she may (they love cookies and will be good taste testers).  My hubby is off, so not sure whether him and Matthew will keep baby, or she will go with me so they can work on our new house.  But I will make an easy ham dinner that evening, and my sister will come, and if weather permits, Mike’s mom and gram.  Christmas morning, my sister will come back over (she may stay at our new house, or a friends) and we will do typical Christmas morning stuff, with eggnog and coffee cake, of course.  Then, the older kids will go to their dad’s around noon, and we will go celebrate with Mike’s family, while my sister catches up with old friends.  And we will catch up with my dad on New Years, when the older kids come home.  Mixed families are crazy when it comes to holidays, but in a way, it’s a good crazy.  You realize how much God has blessed you with so many people who love you as much as you love them.

I hope that you all can enjoy your holiday, whatever one you celebrate, and when the headache starts from the stress, take a sip of hot tea and relax and remember that it will go back to normal soon, and count your blessings.  Even if your mother in law drives you nuts, (blessed that mine is wonderful) you would hate for your spouse to lose her.  Even if your kids are fighting, you would be lost without them.  And even if you burn your special meal, you have a meal to burn.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~  may we all bless others with love.

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