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If you get the chance, GO!  That is my word of advice regarding MommyCon.  Xsa (pronounced x-sa for those of you, like I, who don’t get the opportunity to meet people with names outside of Joe, Jim, and Bob), is a wonderful lady who is very down to earth, with a touch of wild child.  I love that she has brought so many people together.  The speakers that she has chosen are very interesting, and very funny.  They give any parent a good belly laugh, which us sleep-deprived, pooped on parents need more than we get.  Bumni, from The Honest Toddler, is comical and practical.  She lives in Canada, and yes, Kathy Bello, I introduced her to Funky Fluff.  I love taking with people who share my values!  And The Leaky Boob will bring a tear to your eye, as you recall all your breastfeeding troubles, and the incredible feeling of triumph or the knowledge that if you failed, it’s ok and that it doesn’t mean that you have failed as a parent, nor should you feel guilty.  And Jamie Grayson.  Need I say more?  The Baby Guy NYC has the most honest reviews on products.  And he has a way with babies, which is saying something considering he is an Uncle rather that a Daddy.

I can honestly say that I have never seen so many babywearing Moms and Dads.  It was a great family affair, one I hope to repeat.  I believe that it was definitely worth the VIP ticket, and an amazing experience to meet all these wonderful Mommas.  Not to mention, the amount of donations that came in to benefit families that utilize The Rebecca Foundation Cloth Diaper Closet.  The families will certainly appreciate the quality donations that good hearted families gifted so that they will see more adorable bums.

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  1. I went to MommyCon Denver with my son and husband and we LOVED it. It was so awesome. I hope to go to the one in Minneapolis in April.

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