Time Flies

I cannot believe we are at the end of the second week of school already!  The kids are doing great!  Matthew added two classes to his schedule, Mia is running for class president, and Mallary is adjusting fine to being with a sitter for five hours a day.  I have  a feeling that once she knows Mom’s schedule, she’ll time her own feedings so she can skip the bottle, lol.  Then comes the decision for me to stop pumping at work, or continue to pump and stock up, or donate to a mama who cannot nurse but wishes her little one to have the benefits of breastmilk.  There are so many old ideas resurfacing on the parenting boards, it is wonderful to see.  I just read about a mama who lost her baby, and a mama who was looking for breastmilk.  They met up and the babe was hungry, so the mama in mourning nursed him.  I can only imagine how hard and how fulfilling at the same time that was.  Just thinking about it brings tears.  Have a blessed day, all!

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