Naturals R Dino-mite Mamacloth Review


Naturals R Dino-mite is a  company owned and operated by a wonderful Momma, Lana,  in Youngwood, PA.  

First, customer service.  I contacted Lana about possibly reviewing a couple products for her.  She got back to me right away, and offered a mamacloth and pair of wool longies free for shipping in exchange for a review.  I was very excited.  I received my package in a couple days, with the lanolin included for the wool.  Lana had already informed me, that to be bulletproof, it would need to be lanolized three times prior to use.  (Note:  I have just finished lanolizing the wool, and LO fell asleep before PJ time last night, so I haven’t had a chance to try them yet)  Lana is handy for any questions, and gets back to me promptly.  She knew time was of the essence, as I had a need for her product, as I am not one of those luck BF Mommas that gets to go another year without monthly cycles.

The product is pretty, oh so pretty. When asked my preference, I didn’t specify, as like my skivvies, it will be out of sight.  She sent the beautiful pad pictured above.  I really liked how there is an insert that comes out for washing.  This gives the pad more absorbency, while still washing out well.  My flow tends to be heavy, so this was very exciting to me to have all that absorbency.  I was not disappointed.  While I was changing disposable pads every time I was to the bathroom (every other hour at best), this pad lasted three trips.  I am very sensitive there and hate any wetness, so this is impressive.  The couple minky pads I had aren’t this quickly absorbing.

And washing, oh so easy.  I am already washing diapers, so in the pail it went.  I washed the next day ( I do a cold soak, warm wash, and cold rinse) and the staining was very minimal.  Had I had a bucket of cold water to soak in upon removal, I imagine this pad would have no staining.

And last, but not least, comfort. I cannot stand a pad that feels like it is sticking to me, so cloth is perfect.  With a cloth pad on, especially flannel, it feels no different that underwear.  That is important.  I believe that it is reason that my daughter has already decided to go cloth, and she has a better stash than I.  Now that I am going back to work, I will certainly by contacting Lana for a pad package!  I am sold on Naturals-R-Dynamite!


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