Back into a schedule

I imagine all of you great moms and dads are thankful that the new year is under way.  Not because you wanted to ship the kids back to school, but because let’s face it, after all the family get togethers, traveling, and excitement of three holidays in about a month’s time, we have a need to get back on schedule.  Our kids need their schedule back on track.  Many parents don’t realize how much our kids rely on schedules.  While they do not have to be set in stone, a general schedule is helpful.  When we wake up, when we go to bed, even adult bodies thrive on routine.  So now that our routines are getting back to normal, our kiddos have settled down, we have gotten back into the normal swing of things, whether at work , at home, or both.  The Christmas trees and candlebras are all taken down with care.  And sleep.   We are finally, over a week after New Year’s celebrations, are finally getting back into some semblance of a sleep pattern.  After two weeks of only sleeping an hour at a time, I have gained two, yes two, nights of acceptable sleep!

I truly am not sure whether to celebrate or be pensive as to when the next sleepless night will come.  Don’t get me wrong, with a teenager, a pre-teen , and an eight month old, I know i have plenty of those to come yet, but maybe, just maybe, I can score  a couple more good nights before the bad ones.  So, enjoy the winter that has finally come to see us, and the extra dark, sleepy time, and keep an eye out, because with the new year, we will have a new giveaway coming soon!