AppleCheeks envelope cover giveaway

So here it is, folks!  Our first giveaway. I hope that it’s the first of many.  Please, visit my fellow bloggers for more entries.  And don’t forget, if you leave me a comment on my Giving Thanks article, that’s even more points.  I chose to giveaway an Applecheeks cover because everyone like the ruffles.   While I think they are adorable, it is not my only go to diaper.  Don’t forget, if you are starting out, try many different diapers, as every baby is different.  The fit varies from one brand to the next.  I am not including an insert, because we all have our own favorites.  This cover was purchased with my own funds.  For those of you not familiar, Applecheeks come in three sizes. Size one fits up to 20 lbs, size 2 fits from there to most potty trained, but if you have a bigger babe, or a kiddo who just doesn’t see eye to eye with the potty, they now have a size 3.  I am really happy about that, as not too many brands have larger diapers.  There are many speical needs kiddos out there that can now benefit from the ruffles cuteness factor!  Here is the giveaway, and good luck!
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Thanksgiving and giving thanks

So, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  How do I know?  Well, it is getting colder.  I do believe that our Indian Summer has come and gone.  I am finalizing plans with work to be able to visit family over the holiday.  And I am getting in the mood (somewhat) to get my house organized.  I need to make room in my living room for a crib and a Christmas tree.  I am also anticipating working on our new house, the one that has a bigger kitchen and a little bit bigger living room.  I am really really excited about that bigger kitchen.  I can live with small bedrooms and only one bathroom.  But I cannot live with a tiny kitchen.  So, soon we will begin ripping and tearing, running electric lines, researching what we want for flooring, figuring out how we want the bathroom to look, and painting.  Lots of painting.

But above and beyond all the work that lays ahead, I have to stop and give thanks.  Thanks for a God who steered me down the road I am now on.  Thanks to a wonderful family, we have navigated many changes in the past couple years with very few scars.  Thanks to a wonderful support network, including family, friends, and co-workers, and even parents that I have never met face to face.  Thanks for healthy children.  This last one is so very important, as many parents are blessed with a multitude of issues that rob their children of their health.  And I cannot even begin to imagine what these parents go through daily.  So while you are enjoying all the trimmings this year, be thankful that you can enjoy.  Many cannot enjoy the feast.

So, please share, what are you thankful this year?