A Funky surprise!

FF surprise

Funky Fluff is by far, my daughter’s and my favorite everyday diaper!  They are trim and so adorable and absorbent!  And they are amazing ladies.  If you have issues of any kind with your diaper, they do everything possible to fix your issues.  This was a surprise mailing of their newest addition, Funk-eh-Forest.  Funky Fluff(FF) diapers have two options, bamboo and stay dry.  My favorite is a stay dry diaper with bamboo inserts, which is what Kathy sent me(talk about customer service!)  And, new news!  There will be more US retailers!!!!!  One of my favorite store, Kelly’s Closet, will be carrying my favorite diaper!  Which means, I can rack up points for more free fluff!!!!  Can you say this chick is beyond excited!  I think I need to mention that my husband, at this point rolls his eyes at me when I say I “need” a new diaper.  We have a drawer full, and my girlfriend has half my stash, so now the next step.

My daughter wants her own.  She informed me that I need to start her stash.  Mind you, she is twelve.  This is one scared proud Momma!  I am tickled that my daughter wants to use cloth when she has LOs of her own.  And while that is a long ways away, it hit me that she would be able to have some HFTs, which is not something I am willing to pay for for myself, but if I buy one here and there for her as regular dipes, they will later (at least some of them) be Hard To Finds!  She will at that point, have the hard choice of having the rarest, cutest bummed baby, or selling them off and buying her own choices.  Either way, it is an investment in the future, which is always good!

I can’t wait to see your fluffy bums!  Please feel free to share pictures!

And celebrating Diaper Need Awareness Week, I will be donating to The Rebecca Foundation Cloth Diaper Closet (TRFCDC)  I will also be posting a giveaway soon (enter my buddy Joshua Hatcher of Josh Hatcher Media, who will be assisting my blog lessons shortly).  You can check him out, https://www.facebook.com/JoshHatcherMedia.  Have a wonderful day, all!

Time Flies

I cannot believe we are at the end of the second week of school already!  The kids are doing great!  Matthew added two classes to his schedule, Mia is running for class president, and Mallary is adjusting fine to being with a sitter for five hours a day.  I have  a feeling that once she knows Mom’s schedule, she’ll time her own feedings so she can skip the bottle, lol.  Then comes the decision for me to stop pumping at work, or continue to pump and stock up, or donate to a mama who cannot nurse but wishes her little one to have the benefits of breastmilk.  There are so many old ideas resurfacing on the parenting boards, it is wonderful to see.  I just read about a mama who lost her baby, and a mama who was looking for breastmilk.  They met up and the babe was hungry, so the mama in mourning nursed him.  I can only imagine how hard and how fulfilling at the same time that was.  Just thinking about it brings tears.  Have a blessed day, all!