Naturals R Dino-mite Mamacloth Review


Naturals R Dino-mite is a  company owned and operated by a wonderful Momma, Lana,  in Youngwood, PA.  

First, customer service.  I contacted Lana about possibly reviewing a couple products for her.  She got back to me right away, and offered a mamacloth and pair of wool longies free for shipping in exchange for a review.  I was very excited.  I received my package in a couple days, with the lanolin included for the wool.  Lana had already informed me, that to be bulletproof, it would need to be lanolized three times prior to use.  (Note:  I have just finished lanolizing the wool, and LO fell asleep before PJ time last night, so I haven’t had a chance to try them yet)  Lana is handy for any questions, and gets back to me promptly.  She knew time was of the essence, as I had a need for her product, as I am not one of those luck BF Mommas that gets to go another year without monthly cycles.

The product is pretty, oh so pretty. When asked my preference, I didn’t specify, as like my skivvies, it will be out of sight.  She sent the beautiful pad pictured above.  I really liked how there is an insert that comes out for washing.  This gives the pad more absorbency, while still washing out well.  My flow tends to be heavy, so this was very exciting to me to have all that absorbency.  I was not disappointed.  While I was changing disposable pads every time I was to the bathroom (every other hour at best), this pad lasted three trips.  I am very sensitive there and hate any wetness, so this is impressive.  The couple minky pads I had aren’t this quickly absorbing.

And washing, oh so easy.  I am already washing diapers, so in the pail it went.  I washed the next day ( I do a cold soak, warm wash, and cold rinse) and the staining was very minimal.  Had I had a bucket of cold water to soak in upon removal, I imagine this pad would have no staining.

And last, but not least, comfort. I cannot stand a pad that feels like it is sticking to me, so cloth is perfect.  With a cloth pad on, especially flannel, it feels no different that underwear.  That is important.  I believe that it is reason that my daughter has already decided to go cloth, and she has a better stash than I.  Now that I am going back to work, I will certainly by contacting Lana for a pad package!  I am sold on Naturals-R-Dynamite!


School is here

It is hard to believe that the summer is over.  Not as far as mother nature is concerned, but the school year is beginning today for my kiddos.  Some states have already started, and New York starts next Tuesday.  But mine go back today.  It is bittersweet.  I go back today, as well, in a sense.  While my LO can go with me, I have the first of many school trips today.  Not too many, I hope, until winter is here and she can stay with Daddy, but I will have a few here and there.  Once the first week of school is over, it will more than likely be an afternoon run, instead of the trip.  That, for my older kiddos, is better.  But today, I have to think of all the school kiddos.  They will be looking for the face that picked them up from their homes this morning, so I will take the trip, so the first day confusion is just a little better on them.  My oldest starts his sophomore year today (OMG-I’m that old!?!?!?!?!) My little Red (she would despise being called the middle child, as she was very upset when she found out that she was to be just that), starts 7th grade.  And Wednesday, my LO will go to the babysitter, as I head back to my nutrition site.  I  am dreading that.  Not that I don’t miss my seniors at work, but (and they will be the first to tell you) it’s hard.  I am thankful to work with such a group of understanding folks.  They know how hard this week will be, and the next.  They understand, that it will get better with time, but that I will be prone to emotions beyond my normal self for a while.  And of course, the LO decided to sleep from 7 pm to 3 am last night.  So now, I have been up since three.  She finally caved and went back to sleep after five.  The hubby is out the door, and the kids lunches are ready to go.  Water is boiling to make stuffed shells for dinner.  I will prep them and my daughter will bake them after school.  I fear, though, after I get that done, and the resulting dishes done, and the kids are on the bus, not much else will get accomplished today.  I am praying that the little one will be her usual sleepy self this morning, content to sleep the morning away, so that her Mommy can get a nap in.  And just a reminder, school is back in session.  Watch for stopped school buses.  Watch for the lights.  and please, WATCH FOR THE KIDS!

Mom, seriously, here?

So with school starting back next week, and my daughter needing to check in with an orthopedic surgeon (which I’ll touch base with at the end of this), we did a little back to school shopping yesterday.  We went to Old Navy, because the kids like the cloths, and well, $10 for a pair of jeans that fit my son, you can’t beat that.  Now mind you, I’m not overly impressed with their draw in schemes, nor is is my hubby impressed with anything there, but if the kids like it, I guess it will work for now.  That went well, as did shoes at The Shoe Dept.  Both kids are fairly happy at this point, but mom still needed a pair of jeans to go back to work next week.  I had one pair from before baby that fit well, but my smaller jeans obviously aren’t an option quite yet, and my other pair is too threadbare to be acceptable at work anymore.  So we head to the Dr. appt, then to JCPenny’s to use up the credit mom had.  While shopping there, LO decided she was hungry.  So I proceed with feeding her.  Next thing I hear is “Mom, seriously, here?”  um, excuse me dear teen son of mine, but yes, here.  Your sister is hungry now.  “Well, can’t you go to the bathroom and feed her?” Oh buddy, out of my own kid’s mouth…..can you say by this point I was ballistic.  I explained that while his father had that mentality (one reason I’m not still married to him), that I expected more from my son.  I also told him that he could eat his dinner in the bathroom.  I think that got the point across quickly and quietly.  While I understand, that at fourteen, he may be a bit embarrassed about my nursing in public (NIP), it is not acceptable to call anyone out for nuturing their child. Ever. On the way home, I explained further, that it was lawful to NIP, and that I was in no way flaunting anything, but had I been, that it was perfectly ok to do so.  I learned yesterday, that while I may be self conscious of NIP at times, that I will not tolerate intolerance about it.  While I am sure that I could have handled the situation differently, I didn’t.  Hopefully, my son will take this lesson and put it to good use, and be more accepting, as I have strived to teach him.

On a good note, with my daughter, her growth plate did suffer a break when she fell, but it is in place, and she only requires continued use of the sling.  And I love both the Dr she saw ( Dr. Al-Humadi) and his PA, Seth.  Both were very professional with how they dealt with her as a patient, as were all the staff.  While I hope that we have no need of that type of doctor for a long time, I would certainly go back to him.

Tooti Booti review

Tooti Booti sisters

So, I have to say, this is by far my cutest diaper!  I could not wait to get it in  my mailbox once Lauren had posted it on her Facebook page, Tooti Booti Boutique.  It came the very next day!  I couldn’t believe that the USPS could ship across the country that fast!  But trust me, I wasn’t complaining.  Lauren was great to work with during the process of building my custom diaper, and offered many options. She offers hybrid fitteds, AI2s, and pockets, snap down or fold down rise, snake or petal style soaker, how you want the outer stitching, and you get choices of colors for the inner, as well as up to three snap color choices on a custom!  This, to me, is amazing!  Granted, I have only been CDing for three months, but it was almost difficult to decide.

On to the customer service.  I chose a snake style insert, to be snapped in.  Lauren contacted me before the diaper shipped to advise me that she had forgotten the snaps before she serged the diaper.  She explained that she had gotten one in, and sent pictures.  She was very gracious and offered a couple different solutions.  After viewing the pictures, I was not concerned.  I ordered this completely custom diaper on July 21, and had it in my hand on Aug 4.  And only that late because I missed the email and fb message she sent about the soaker snap.

And the diaper performed……..great, wonderful, wow!   I prep most diapers only three times before putting OTB.  I have had no trouble with this method for myself, most diapers do ok, but I always put them OTB the first couple times in a situation where if they don’t absorb fast enough, or enough in general, that it isn’t bad for baby or I.  I really put this sisters diaper to the test.  We had a family reunion this past Sunday(feel free to read that post).  It is a 2-2 1/2 hour drive from home through Elk country.  I love this scenic drive, even in the worst snow.  Knowing that she would be in the carseat for at least two hours, I felt that I wanted to put a bulletproof diaper on her.  So on went the Ford Blue (my name preference) Bamboo 1.0 that I bought from Funky  Fluff when they had their seconds sale.  It made it to Kylertown, where she ate and loaded her pants.  Well, we anted to look pretty upon our arrival, and it was only another 15 minute drive to go, so on went her Tooti Booti and her little Old Navy dress.

Lil Jeana and Mallary, Frozen

First time OTB, it took a minute to get the fit right.  My LO is only about 13-14 lbs right now, and that snake soaker is triple thick to fit in the diaper with the rise setting needed.  I was thankful that I opted for the serged edges.  The ruffles made me feel a little more comfortable about the leg gap.  And the soaker was snug against baby, even if the legs seemed loose.  Three hours later, my LO pooped.  And of course, she had wet.  But out of three layers of soaker, only one was wet.  I thought to myself this might be the perfect overnight solution, as I only need to get about eight hours out of an overnight diaper usually.  So, after washing it (remember, this was only the 4th time through the washer,) my LO pooped in her cotton fitted last night.  Her other one wasn’t completely dry from being washed.  Hmmm, guess this was as good as time as any.  It was about midnight, and on went our beautiful sisters diaper.  At 7:30, after feeding her, I changed her diaper.  No leaks at all, even around those legs holes (and she slept on her side.) I could not believe what I felt (Yes, I feel the wet diapers, because how else do I know what it feels like to her little bum!)  While the first layer of cloth was soaked, the second layer was very wet, and the third layer was between damp and wet, the OBV on the diaper itself was dry!  I am beside myself at this point!

So the long and short of it is that I rate this five out of five stars.  Excellent quality, amazing customer service, and extraordinary performance, and did I mention the cuteness factor?  It is off the charts!  Way to go Lauren!  I can’t wait to get back to work and order another diaper and some inserts from you for my other shells!


Family Reunions

As I wake up early today to get ready for my husbands family reunion (His grandmother’s maternal side), I can’t help but reflect when my own family lost touch with itself, and what is in store for all families with, at time ever so cumbersome, social media.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love facebook for staying in touch.  I have talked to my cousins more in the past four years than ever, but what about face to face.  The last time I saw any of them, was at my grandmother’s funeral.  The last time I was at a family reunion on my mom’s side, I was a kid.  Now, Uncle Franny is gone and I have no idea where they are held.  And I have never met most of my dad’s extended family.  No one, since I have become an adult, has contacted me about it.  So, now, I will be trying to get a hold of somebody that knows something.  As the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families pass, it seems that we forget that we are no longer the children, and that we must step up in their place to continue our traditions, or our children will never have those memories.  In essence, I have deprived my children of these, without even realizing it.  And I don’t want to do that.  I don’t want to deprive myself of new memories, and old reflections.  To keep this short and sweet, here’s the scoop.  Keep your family close.  Write letter, send a quick message, call once in a while, go to the reunions.  Enjoy them, because, before you know it, they are gone, and you’ll be like I am now, wondering what is next.

World Breastfeeding week

It is world breastfeeding week.  Do you or did you breastfeed?  Were you breastfed as a child?  It has come back into the mainstream, but there are a lot of issues surrounding it.  So many facts, twisted into non truths, so many opinions spewed as facts.  The FACT is everyone handles this issue differently, and that is ok.  We all need to accept what is.  Everyone has a different comfort level, and no one should be ostracized for any reason when it comes to caring for and providing the best for your children.  Not everyone can make the team work.  That is ok too, and these teams need support as much as breastfeeding teams.  Just remember, keep an open mind,  It’s ok to save the boobies from cancer, but don’t forget, they were there for baby, not daddy (not that baby can’t share, but not their original intention.)  There are many resources out there  if you need more info.  Never be afraid to ask questions.  Never give sarcastic answers.  Let’s learn and teach :)