Cloth diaper addict

Yes, I said it, I am a cloth diaper addict.  I am at 36 hours without purchasing a diaper.  You think it’s funny? I promise, you go on Etsy and look up cloth diapers, and the WAHMs will blow your mind with cuteness.  As is the store bought brands weren’t cute enough!  I could cloth my baby girl in second hand without blinking an eye.  Clothes or diapers.  Just so that she can have (ok, so I can have) an amazing selection of cloth diapers!  They are like kittens, soft and fluffy (and sometimes, full of poop).  They grow, just like kittens (one size diapers with an adjustable rise fit from 8-35 lbs, roughly).  They are comforting, like kittens, well, they are softer on the bum.  And let’s talk how much they soak up.  Like a kitten soaks up the sun, a fitted cloth diaper, with a fleece or wool cover, can withstand all night on the baby.  I think the diaper has the kitten beat there.  I haven’t seen a kitten lay in the sun for twelve hours, yet.   This performance is done without any butt cream (there are few you can use with cloth, unless you use a barrier, but we’ll save that for another day), and without a rash.  That’s right, a soaking wet baby, who isn’t cranky and no red bum.  A dry diaper in the morning, and all is well with the world.  And like kittens, you feel like you can never have too many of them (other than the expense).  And that leads us to the next hot topic.

Expense. Such a horrible word.  And if you use disposables, it’s a weekly word.  With cloth, it’s a start up word.  Sometimes, a fill in here or there, but think about it.  For under $500 (under $100 if you’re a really thrifty mom or pop), you can cloth diaper your LO from birth to potty training.  One case of sposies cost $18 on sale. At least it did the last time I bought a case of Luvs.  One case lasts about 1 1/2-2 weeks at best.  Mind you, that is not really changing them when they need it, but when the diaper is full.  many parents to be start stocking up before baby. So, if you were to put aside enough to buy a case of diapers every check (twice a month), that would be $50/month.  If you start doing this with the start of your second trimester, you would have approximately $300 for diapers, which is plenty to get started with the finest of diapers.  You can look for the deals, and pick one of this and that (don’t buy all one kind until you see what works for you and baby).  Or, you can purchase a trial, which means you pay up front, and return the diapers you don’t like for a credit.  It only costs about $30 if you don’t like any of them.  Or, buy used to start.  There are so many options, and they are all an investment, because, like clothes, you can sell them (but the hold their value better).  I recommend shopping at a diaper store (whether in person or online) over a chain, as you will be able to get free shipping on most orders, and a free diaper in some cases.  So the finance doesn’t outweigh the work?

Are you sure about that, I mean, how much work is three loads of laundry a week?  Seriously, that’s all there is to it.  No cleaning off poop until baby starts solid foods(did you know you are supposed to do that with Pampers, too?).  Once baby starts solids, you can swish and flush(the old way) or use a diaper sprayer (and preferable a splatter shield).  Fun and easy!  And no one will complain if your diapers don’t get folded, so you can stuff (if you choose pockets) and go as you need!  I promise, you don’t have to do it the way Granny did(though you can if you want to).  Think about it!

Momma Naylor

Welcome to Momma Naylor, a blog about raising kiddos in the country, farm life, semi-green living, and our adventures.  I am Momma Naylor, a person, who if you had asked my husband’s friends a couple years ago, was a figment of his Mothers imagination.  I kid you not, I have seen the video of his friends picking on him while riding bikes and quads on Mother’s Day a couple years back.  I never imagined myself back home, either.  I was a single mom, raising my two kiddos in rural New York state.  Then, as always, change worked itself into both our lives, and we learned that not really knowing each other, and a lot of years in between seeing each other, dissolved like minutes.  I had never seen someone take on so much without blinking.  And now, after almost a year of marriage, my Mother-In_Law (whom I love) has seen her dreams come true.  She has a granddaughter from her baby.  Not to discount my older children, as she adopted them as her own since day one…but our littlest Naylor is the one she had about given up on.

So, join me in our journey.  We have a lot going on, as we have recently purchased a farmette, and will soon begin renovating the house on the property.  With the impending birth of our baby(We didn’t find out sex until she met us), I made the decision to cloth diaper.  In our area, those Momma’s are few and far between.   It was a decision based on what I had read on the web, and a knowledge that I wanted to save as much money as possible.  Also, being the cheapy that I am, I have always chosen to breastfeed.  I also attribute  that to laziness, as I detest the thought of heating up bottles in the wee hours of the morning when the Good Lord saw fit to provide me with plenty of ready to eat perfect nutrition for my LO.

This blog will have a little of everything, maybe even the kitchen sink!  I am willing to try most anything, so long as it’s affordable and healthy.  I have a month and a half before I go back to a part time job that I love, so hop on our bus, and enjoy the ride!  I will post weekly. Let me know what topics you’d like to see.  This is a table that we can discuss anything at.